Analog: Circular Packaging Design

For this school project, I created a circular (or closed-loop) business model for office supplies. The idea is that for a truly circular economy to exist, all things must be considered. Even the paper clip that fell beneath the table.

This box design is meant to be durable and reusable. It would be created from reclaimed wood and made large enough to sit on a desk. This box in combination with a consignment store model will create a closed-loop for local office supplies. A variety of sizes of reclaimed wood boxes will be available in-store. Once one is chosen, there will also be the option to add a custom engraving.

The audience for Analog would either be people who are already interested in consignment stores and people who run offices. To convince both of these audiences to continue coming back to the store, excess office supplies could be returned for points, and once a box is purchased, refills will be at a discounted price.




The branding on the boxes would be minimal to reduce waste. The outside of the box would have a double-sided tag with the logo and materials. The inside of the box would have a pressure-fit insert explaining the store model.