Energy Futures Print Portfolio:
Cover Design

In the summer of 2022, I was a part of the Energy Futures Lab Print Portfolio as an illustrator. I was also chosen to create the cover for the book that includes all the art and writing done over the summer.

For this cover, I was only able to use one colour, and the background colour shown on the flats is a placeholder for the colour of the paper being used. Using a combination of manual and digital type altering techniques, I created the main text to look like fire and then took pieces of the main text to create the remaining texture.

Client Testimonial

"It was a pleasure to work with Nadia on the book design for 'Reimagining Fire. Artists and writers on the future of energy.' She created an impressive cover with a clear sense of typographic design. Communicating with her was easy. She responded swiftly to my queries and was very willing to follow my suggestions, but at the same time confident enough to propose her own ideas and follow her own sense of style. This project yielded a great result."

— Eveline Kolijn

Original Digital File

Manual Paper Transfer