Hiraeth: Brand Design

For this school project, I worked in a group with Prakriti Goyal, Paige Stroobant, and Zhenpei Tang. After coming up with the initial idea for a store to brand, we worked to create the mission, purpose, vision, and values for the brand. After our research and strategy was complete we worked together to design a visual system for our bookstore/bakery called Hiraeth.

Our brand story summarizes the research that went into creating our brand:

Hiraeth is a bookstore and bakery, a warm space with the ability to transport patrons to a world of their choosing.

A book, a delicious treat, and a cozy nook by the fire make up the ingredients necessary for a perfect moment in time. When surrounded by comfort, the feeling of home allows for a pause, a disconnection from the rest. It is this pause that acts as a gateway between the reader and their book, allowing a meaningful connection to the written word and igniting imaginations.

The word Hiraeth is a Welsh word that means, "a longing for a home that you cannot return to – or that never was"

The branding of Hiraeth is based on the idea that books have the power to create this feeling.

Our bookshelf signage uses an art deco inspired pattern and a modern serif typeface to convey a feeling of nostalgia for old-fashioned bookstore.