(ir)regular: Magazine Design

For this school project, I worked with Cassy Funk to create a magazine from scratch. We started with the crazy idea to make an entire magazine about a single object and never looked back. After creating an identity for our magazine, we spent the rest of the semester researching, writing, and designing our spoon magazine.

This is the question our magazine aims to answer in each issue by taking a deeper look at the connections all around us and appreciating the design in everyday objects. The audience for our magazine are design-focused (or obsessed) people that are always ready to learn more about design and the power of objects.

(Fun fact: this is a photo of my dog Pika, who also loves spoons ... if they have peanut butter on them.)

This video shows a quick flip through of the entire magazine. We went through a lot of test prints with different papers and colours to create the final effect of blue duotone images paired with bright pink pops of colour.

The above two spreads are examples of department spreads. The next spreads are the three spreads of my feature article, which is about the banning of plastic spoons.