Plant Integration Table

This 3D prototype was created in Rhino and Grasshopper. It was created to integrate plants into furniture. The prototype was 3D printed by me. At actual size, this table would be an average end table size.

The concept of this design came from the question: how can plants become more integrated into our indoor environments? The Voronoi pattern is inspired by the shapes of plant cells, and the overall shape of the table is inspired by a blooming plant. If this table was full size, my hope is that the plant would be put in the dirt directly in the centre of the table, without a pot. This way, the roots and the plant would start to grow through the Voronoi.

For the scale model of this table, using plastic and 3D printers gave the most accurate representation of the table. If this table was built full-scale, it would be great for it to be built out of recycled plastics. Then the table could be less harmful and more aligned with the messaging of the table. For more details on my process, and even more 3D projects, please check out my object design blog.