The Daily Undoing: Cover Design

This client product was completed in January 2021. I created a logo, wordmark, and book cover, as well as an icon system used throughout the book. I worked with the client to build a brand image that represented the book, podcast, and blog.

Client Testimonial

"Nadia Perna is a rare treasure, a combination of strikingly rich creativity and professional accountability. I've had the good fortune of having her work grace the cover and pages of my book while also enthusiastically referring her to my clients. Everyone is super impressed and thankful for the referral. I hope to have her involved in future work!"

— David Gaudet

When I created this cover, the most important thing to do was create instant impact and design something that would pop on shelves. This book is meant to be impactful, and I wanted the cover to do the same. What started as a book cover design turned into a brand refresh that incorporated the bold orange and undoing symbol.