For this school project, I created a website that is meant to be a first touch point for people accessing abortion pills in the post-Roe era. It has information on abortion pills and lists reputable places to get them online. Most importantly, it explains how to use TOR browser and exercise internet security.

I created a demo of the website for an efficient way to explain the process of using this website in a pitch. This website was created in Figma. The demo links for both the desktop and phone version are live, so feel free to look through them at your own pace.

For the design system, I created a warm and approachable colour palette matched with clean and rounded shapes. This helps create a clinical yet trustworthy webpage. The logo represents both a complete approach to health care and the literal shape of an abortion pill. The rounded typeface I chose called Quicksand worked as both a header typeface and as body copy.

Desktop Wireframes

Phone Wireframes